History and Development

       Lee Feed Mill Public Co., Ltd., was established on 16 August 1983, with initial registered capital of 20 million baht. The Leelasithorn group is the Companys major shareholder. The Company was listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand on 26 January 1990 and became a limited public company on 7 March 1994. Current registered capital is 929.07 million baht and current paid-up registed capital is 922.18 million bath. Its first feed mill was located in Muang District, Nakhon Pathom. Subsequently in 1988 and 1990, a second feed mill and silo were built, both in Muang District, Saraburi, under Lee Pattana Feed Mill Co., Ltd., and Lee Pattana Silo Co., Ltd. Both of these are subsidiaries with shares of 95 % and 99.50 %, respectively. held by Lee Feed Mill Public Co., Ltd.; both were granted investment promotion, and in the next four years, the Company expanded its parent stock-chicken farm and chick hatchery for the production of broiler chicks for the market. Investment promotion was also granted to the hatchery, located in Chon Dan District, Phetchabun.

       Due to the limited area available for expansion of the first feed mill in Nakhon Pathom, as well as its leased status, the first feed mill was closed in 1996, and investment promotion requested for the new feed mill opened in the same year, in Kao Yoi District, Phetchaburi. In 2002, an aquaculture feed mill was opened on the same land as the feed mill in Kao Yoi, under the name of Lee Feed Mill Public Co., Ltd. And Lee Pattana Feed Mill Company limited Investment promotion was also received. In the past, all four feed mills have a combined production capacity of 492,000 tons of animal feed per annum, with actual production at approximately 45 percent of capacity, while the silos capacity is 38,500 tons for storage of plant seed throughout the year. The Company has invested in Bodhi Ngarm Sea Farms Co.,Ltd in 2012. The objective is the experimental farming for the aquaculture business to support the research and development of aquatic animal feed on the high quality and standards to be sustainable

       The Company obtained from the Department of Livestock a Certificate of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) in the category of animal feed manufacturing, in order to ensure hygienic products. Our factories and farming received ISO 9001:2008 certification for the entire system. This reflects our effective selection of raw materials, production processes, quality inspections, and health management, as well as our international standard product quality and our responsibility to society, since good animal feed means quality and safe food for consumers. The Company has its strong concerns and awareness of environmental protection and its impacts (such as wastewater, dust, and air pollution) on the communities and the society, ISO 50001 - Energy Management System, helping as well as energy conservation and effective use of resources and has therefore determined its policy of environmental management system under ISO14001:2004 for both of its manufacturing plants.

Business operations

       The Lee Pattana Group operates its business principal activities are (1) the manufacturer of animal feed (2) crop drying, silo and the distribution of raw material for animal feed manufacturing (3) experimental farming and (4) crop farming. Substantially all sales, operating profits and assets are related to the manufacture of animal feed business. The Company and its affiliates consist of;-

  • Lee Feed Mill Public Co., Ltd., the parent company, involved in processing the production and distribution of animal feed for both livestock and aquaculture in concentrated pellet and powder forms, as well as concentrated feed for swine, chickens, ducks, cattle, fish, and shrimp, under the trade mark of Lee Win Max and Pro-grade. The Companys factory is located in Phetchabun province. The Company also run business in animal farm in Kaengkoy district, Saraburi province, breeding broiler chicks which breeder farm and hatchery chicks are located in Phetchabun province. However the Company temporary ceased operation since October 1, 2004 due to avian influenza crisis. Currently, In Phetchabun, the Company operates the wooden breeding and rent its hatchery
  • Lee Pattana Feed Mill Co., Ltd., a subsidiary, conducting business along the lines of that of the parent company. However, this subsidiary concentrates on feed production for livestock and domestic animals, such as swine, chickens, ducks, cattle, and dogs. Its mill is located in Saraburi Province.
  • Lee Pattana Agro Silo Co., Ltd., a subsidiary, with in silo grain storage and the purchase and sale of animal feed material to associated companies within the inter company group.
  • Bodhi Ngarm Sea Farm Co.,Ltd., a subsidiary, operates its business as a rental farming.
  • Pattana Agro Futures Co.,Ltd. , an associated company, operated as a future broker (Registration No.12) of agricultural trading in The Agricultural Futures Exchange of Thailand (AFET). Since April, 2016, the Company has ceased operations as a trading agricultural broker and already returned the future broker license to the Agricultural Futures Exchange of Thailand in May, 2016.
Animal-feed mills of the Lee Pattana Group are divided into geographic regions for sales purposes, so as to attain maximum cost efficiency in regard to transportation and distribution costs. The mill in Phetchaburi is in charge of sales for Nakhon Pathom, Ratchaburi, and all provinces in the South from Phetchaburi on down; while the mill in Saraburi handles all sales in the Central, Northern, Northeastern, and Eastern Seaboard regions of Thailand.

Board of Directors

Directors of this company consists of 9 persons.

  1. Mr. Visith Leelasithorn
    Chairman of the Board of Director

  2. Mr. Nipon Leelasithorn
    Chairman of the Executive Director / Managing Director

  3. Mr. Karoon Chanmingporn
    Deputy Managing Director / Executive Director

  4. Mrs.Supaporn Chongvilaiwan
    Asst. Managing Director

  5. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Somjai Phagaphasvivat
    Chairman of the Audit Committee / Independent Director

  6. Mr. Busarin Vanaswas
    Menber of the Audit Committee / Independent Director

  7. Mrs. Sununta Subhapholsiri
    Menber of the Audit Committee / Independent Director

  8. Pol. Lt. Gen. Adisorn Nonsee
    Independent Director

  9. Mr. Somsak Tiensriyuka
    Director / Secretary of the Board

General Information
Lee Feed Mill Public Company Limited
Head Office Location :
28th Floor, Wall Street Tower, 33/137 Surawong Road, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500
Land-Animal Feedmill Plant Location :
65 Moo 2, Huay Ta Chang Sub-district, Khoa Yoi District, Phetchaburi
Aquatic Animal Feedmill Plant Location :
62 Moo 2, Huay Ta Chang Sub-district, Khoa Yoi District, Phetchaburi
Dong Kui Farming Location :
33 Moo 14 Dong Kui Sub-district, Chon Dan District, Phetchabun
Chon Dan Farming Location :
246 Moo 5 Ban Kluay Sub-district, Chon Dan District, Phetchabun
Research and Development
Animal Farming Location
40 Moo 11 Huay Hang Sub-district, Kang Koi District, Saraburi
Experimental Farming   1/3 Moo 7 Nongbua Sub-district, Muang District, Chanthaburi
Telephone :
0 - 2632 - 7300 (Automatic)
Fax :
0 - 2236 - 7751
Web Site : http://www.leepattana.com
Type of Business : The manufacturer and the distribution of animal feed , animal farming
Authorized Shares Capital : Common shares 929,070,000 shares, Baht 1 par value
Paid-up Shares Capital : Common shares 922,180,251 shares, Baht 1 par value
Paid-up Amount Capital : 922,180,251 Baht