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Creep (premium) Feeds

Creep (premium) HIP0A, HI0A, HIM0A is a special product designed to meet the requirement of the newly weaned pigs at the aged over seven days. We usually start feeding these piglet with pellet feed. Changing in the piglets digestive system, stomach and small intestine, is a result of swap feeding from sow milk to pellet feed. Therefore, nutrition program designed for this transition period must meet the unique requirements of pigs. Moreover, it has to be digestible like milk. Our newest product, so called HIP0A, HI0A ,HIM0A, roles as the leader in developing feeding programs for the newly weaned pigs. HIP0A, HI0A, HIM0A is the special nutrition formula suitable for post-weaning pigs. It is a solution of dedicated research that considered the nutrition requirements and physiology of the pigs. Proper selected ingredient assures improving in digestion for the pigs to perform their potential, accommodate the pigs changing digestive capabilities and also reduce the costs for the progressive pig producer.


  • High quality milk powder : Selected milk powder is designed to provide a high substantial digestible protein like in sow milk. Milk powder provides a variety of proteins to meet the nutritional needs of the pigs and assures to produce fast and efficient gains.
  • Broken Jasmine rice : Premium grade broken rice is selected to provide high quality carbohydrate for newly weaning pigs. Carbohydrates, as a main source of energy, will increase the pigs digestive capabilities.
  • Antibiotic : Efficient antibiotic, will stimulate pigs appetite, enhance their growth rate and health condition. In addition, antibiotic can relief these followings problems including diarrhea, and respiratory system disease.


  • Performing maximum growth rate to its genetic potential
  • Increasing feed conversion
  • Decreasing days to market, increasing in return on investment for the producer
  • Decreasing in morbidity
  • Increasing body weight
  • Increasing feed efficiency
  • Decreasing bottlenecks in production and increasing profitability


    Recommendations for feeding HIP0A, HI0A, HIM0A to the piglets at seventh days old. Gradually increase in the amount of HIP0A, HI0A, HIM0A until the pigs familiarity with the feed. Feeding program for piglets is as follows :

    Ages Amount of feed Number of feeding per day
    7 14 days small amount, gradually increase Multiple feeding : 3 5 meals / day
    15 35 days Maximum feeding Multiple feeding : 3 5 meals / day


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